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Sustainable and eco-friendly sneakers made in Spain

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Eco sneakers, your best option 

Join the Regrown movement with ecological sneakers of the highest quality, comfortable and with exclusive designs for people with an adventurous and explorer spirit. You'll be doing your bit to preserve our planet. Made with conscience, our eco sneakers have organic materials such as recycled cotton, sugar cane, adhesives and natural corks, among others. With them you will enhance the natural, sustainable and ecological. Are you up for it?

Regrown's unisex sneaker offering

With a wide variety of models to choose from, there is a Regrown sneaker for everyone. They stand out for their organic designs and for their total adaptation to the foot, guaranteeing maximum comfort and the most exclusive style that will make you feel a little closer to nature. Explore the different sneakers and discover their different combinations in colors and materials, specially designed to accompany your day to day, because with Regrown every step counts.

Sustainable sneakers made in Spain

Regrown means "to grow again", and it's thanks to this philosophy that our brand has focused its efforts on manufacturing totally sustainable organic sneakers made with 100% ecological materials. This way, more environmentally conscious people will be able to explore the world in safety, comfort and style. In addition, our sneakers stand out among the sustainable shoe offer in Spain thanks to their regional manufacturing that supports the local artisan industry.