The Regrown project: sustainable footwear made in Alicante

Learn about the pillars of sustainability on which Regrown shoes are created: traditional production, natural and ecological materials and equipment from the local environment.

Traditional footwear production

At Regrown, each shoe is created following the traditional manufacturing process, combining manual labor with technological innovation applied to footwear.

timeless design


The design team devises the models and chooses the colors and materials that will be part of the shoe.


We create footwear with a timeless and unisex style, which combines with casual looks without becoming obsolete from one season to another without going out of style.


Preparation of materials

Cutting, sewing, edging,... In this phase, multiple trades are carried out by expert professionals in the different phases that each shoe requires. The design team devises the models and chooses the colors and materials that will be part of the shoe.



In this stage, the industrial processes for the assembly of the pieces are produced.


In the models with a natural rubber sole, the vulcanization process is used, from heating the materials to high temperatures.


Thanks to this process, elastic and flexible soles are extremely resistant, durable and very comfortable when walking.



This is the final moment, when the shoes are cleaned, the laces are put on, if applicable, and the packaging is done.


In addition, each pair of Regrown shoes is accompanied by a bag of seeds, which is bagged and included manually in the box.

Natural and ecological materials

All Regrown footwear is made with ecological materials that respect nature as much as possible. We include organic, natural fabrics and fabrics made with recycled products to extend the life of the materials, giving them a second chance.


Cotton organic

Ecological agriculture

This type of cotton comes from organic farming, cultivated naturally without using pesticides or herbicides. In addition, overexploitation of the land is avoided, allowing the renewal of the land.

Better for health

This form of cultivation allows the cotton to befree of toxins, which benefits both the people who work in its harvest and you when you wear it.

Recycled cotton

In addition, in some of our models recycled cotton is used, obtained from leftovers from the manufacture of clothing or already used garments.

certificado GOTS

Certificado GOTS

The organic cotton used at Regrown is GOTS Certified: Global Organic Textile Standard, which guarantees that the fabrics are composed of organic fibres grown and processed according to toxicological and environmental criteria during each step of the supply chain. These fabrics are composed of at least 95% organic fibres and each step of the supply chain has been verified to ensure socially and environmentally responsible production.


Sustainable hemp

The hemp fabrics we use are of the Cannabis Sativa variety, authorized for the textile industry.

It is a sustainable hemp, from crops that respect the environment, without the need to use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or transgenic seeds.

Its cultivation requires very little water and allows the replenishment of nutrients to the soil, preventing its erosion and improving the health of the soil.


Hemp gives shoes extra durability, as it is very resistant. It also naturally protects against UV rays and adapts to body temperature, making it perfect for hot weather. It is also antibacterial and does not generate electrostatic electricity.


Natural cork

Natural and mediterranean

The cork that we use in our labels and templates is natural cork, from the bark of the cork oak, a type of tree typical of the Mediterranean area. Spain is the second country that produces the most cork in the world, only behind Portugal.


Traditional rural trade

For its extraction the tree is not damaged, since only the superfluous layer of the bark is removed, and in fact, it favors its growth. This “saca del cork” is carried out manually by expert corkscrews, artisans who make up the workforce that sustains the rural environments of the cork oak forests.


Benefits of cork in footwear

At Regrown we use natural cork for many of our insoles, which provides breathability, absorption and cushioning capacity, very comfortable for walking.

Being waterproof, antibacterial and insulating, it keeps the foot free from fungi and bacteria. We also use it on our labels, because it is a light material and 100% biodegradable.


Recycled cork

In itself, natural cork is a natural and renewable raw material. In addition to this material, at Regrown we use recycled cork from bottle caps.

A material that maintains all the properties of cork and also allows its reuse, becoming insoles for our sustainable footwear.


Leathers of proximity and with respect for the environment

The skins we use come from suppliers located in Murcia and Alicante. Companies with a long history in the world of tanning, which strictly comply with environmental policies to minimize the impact of their manufacturing process.


Polyester with recycled bottles

Recycled polyester is used in many of our models: a fabric made from plastic bottles.

With this material, dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels is reduced, extending the useful life and allowing a second life for the plastic.


Nickel free grommets

The eyelets for the laces are made of natural materials “nickel free”.

Nickel is a type of low-cost but highly toxic component that is often used to harden certain parts in production processes with little or no quality control.

Being nickel-free, chemical compounds are eliminated and the allergies caused by this metal in one in five people are avoided.

We use organic and recycled fabrics to create more natural, sustainable and long-lasting fashion.




A local environment team

Regrown is conceived, manufactured and marketed from our company in Orihuela, Alicante, where we have been making footwear since 1992. Our team is made up of around forty people between office and factory. All of them people from the environment, residents in Orihuela or surroundings, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. When you buy a Regrown, you are supporting a group of professionals specialized in the world of footwear, in one of the areas with the longest shoemaking tradition in Spain, who work to create a quality product, with the guarantee of a company with decades of experience. and the sensitivity of creating products that contribute to caring for the environment.


For Regrown, local production is a fundamental step to reactivate the economy and promote responsible consumption.

With Regrown you are also doing your bit for a more sustainable world. Be part of the ecologically responsible revolution. Join the Regrown movement.