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Ecological Shoes Online Made in Spain

Ecological espadrilles
Ecological large boots

Why choose Regrown ecological footwear?

Natural and sustainable materials

    • Sustainable hemp
    • Organic cotton.
    • Recycled cotton.
    • Natural adhesive.
    • The labels are made of antibacterial natural cork.
    • Nickel free grommets.
    • Recycled cotton laces.
    • Light, flexible and antiperspirant insoles made from sugar cane and recycled cork from bottle caps.
    • Leathers from suppliers in Alicante and Murcia.

Created in Spain with a local team

  • Design and manufacturing in Orihuela, Alicante
  • Artisanal-industrial production of footwear by local professionals
  • Timeless, quality shoes committed to the environment
  • Exclusive and innovative designs with which to make a difference in your looks.
  • Resistant and suitable for machine washing.

Join the Regrown Movement and practice conscious consumption. Leave a mark, but not on the planet.

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